Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lyric by request

My English teacher in high school asked me to make a lyric about emptiness or something? Maybe he just broke up with someone? IDK? but ya, Actually I'm not a kinda person who make a thematic lyric, but yesterday my brain thawed then i made a lyric titled THOSE TORMENTED FRENZIES. ya here ya go!!


That was a windy and sizzling day
In a time when you saw
the bus and the way
Then suddenly you sent me a goodbye
on that quay
I long for your quizzical paranoia
When you were drinking
your Jamaican Coca Cola
And a plate of jerusalem artichoke
Simply set a single knock
I see those frozen signs
Without your nocturnal sighs
And a very simple silhouette
Bring all of the legless spates
And this solitary soul
Is growing well with no foul
Cause your passionate pull
Made me so fool

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