Saturday, January 15, 2011

HUMAN INTEREST (They're honest!)

okay just finished my 1st semester. i had done a sensational photo session, and it caused by my dickens limited-time photography chore!
i just love taking human interest photos. they are honest! Gimme ur comment please so i'll make better ones.

A 5 year-old boy had been left by his mother. He lives with his grandma. His grandma, an old woman, a strong old woman who takes care of her 3 grandchildren

They are living with smiles. I couldn't say anything, i was speechless because they were smiling.

I took this photo in jalan braga, it used to be called as the most extravagant place in bandung, and see what? two children played their role as panhandlers. IRONIC! Look at the background AMERICAN FRANCHISE RULES!!

This photo titled "IRONESIA" an acronym of IRONISNYA INDONESIA. as i told u before AMERICAN FRANCHISE RULES!
Extra energy was needed! cause i was running along asia-africa street bandung while i was tryin to take this picture.

*All photos were taken by Arzia Halida Tivany Wargadiredja using Canon EOS 40D
those photos also can be seen by clicking  "Human Interest" by arziativany

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