Monday, January 24, 2011

"Tahu kau mengapa aku sayangi kau lebih dari siapa pun? Karena kau menulis. Suaramu takkan padam ditelan angin, akan abadi, sampai jauh, jauh di kemudian hari."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eastern Promise

Eastern Promise
Read this! Five new bands to watch by TIME MAGAZINE.
The Trees & The Wild on it !!!
The Trees and The Wild's songs should be played in a nocturnal rite of autumnal equinox in September. (Arzia Tivany)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lyric by request

My English teacher in high school asked me to make a lyric about emptiness or something? Maybe he just broke up with someone? IDK? but ya, Actually I'm not a kinda person who make a thematic lyric, but yesterday my brain thawed then i made a lyric titled THOSE TORMENTED FRENZIES. ya here ya go!!


That was a windy and sizzling day
In a time when you saw
the bus and the way
Then suddenly you sent me a goodbye
on that quay
I long for your quizzical paranoia
When you were drinking
your Jamaican Coca Cola
And a plate of jerusalem artichoke
Simply set a single knock
I see those frozen signs
Without your nocturnal sighs
And a very simple silhouette
Bring all of the legless spates
And this solitary soul
Is growing well with no foul
Cause your passionate pull
Made me so fool

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sophia's Uncle


A hundred kisses for Sophia’s uncle

Singing this song in the end of December

Believing the truth that he’s so memorable

Been trying to ease those picts but I still remember

I crush on you!

I crush on you!

I crush on you Sophia’s uncle!

I saw your uncle on the rooftop

Playing guitar with no stop

And those frozen smiles

Made me so shy

Taught me to fly

And I walked by

I made a distinctive song for REMEDY WALONI, it's not really good, but I just want to show that I like his music. I can't even make any score for this lyric. When I was writing this lyric, I didn't expect anything, just wrote it. Thanks for being my inspiration hahaha. Sorry if there's still any grammatical error.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Wear "Our Roots" from Monstore

I just wanna tell ya whats my most fave tee!
Yes here ya go The Trees & The Wild's tee from monstore
I just love wearing this tee, ultra comfort, and wearable everywhere.
The Trees & The Wild is my favourite band, so I bought the original one. Look at the printed art work, such a gorgeous one.
This tee named "Our Roots" took from TTATW's song.

i've worn this stuff for 4 days non-stop hahaha. I'm a bit shabby but wearing this stuff makes still OK! Haahaha.
Catch up this stuff at MONSTORE


Once I heard cacophony

Cackling inside the melody

A baby boy lost symphony

Drowning with his own blackberry

Remember when he was born

His mother used her telephone

His daddy shouted on the phone

The doctor helped 'em all alone

He was born in the cadenza of December

His mother was afraid of calendar

The doctor looked like a cadaver

He looked oh so miserable

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oouchh she's my model

Had a hectic photo session, @ trottoart

*All photos were taken by Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja using Canon EOS 40D
Those photos also can be seen by clicking she's my model !!

HUMAN INTEREST (They're honest!)

okay just finished my 1st semester. i had done a sensational photo session, and it caused by my dickens limited-time photography chore!
i just love taking human interest photos. they are honest! Gimme ur comment please so i'll make better ones.

A 5 year-old boy had been left by his mother. He lives with his grandma. His grandma, an old woman, a strong old woman who takes care of her 3 grandchildren

They are living with smiles. I couldn't say anything, i was speechless because they were smiling.

I took this photo in jalan braga, it used to be called as the most extravagant place in bandung, and see what? two children played their role as panhandlers. IRONIC! Look at the background AMERICAN FRANCHISE RULES!!

This photo titled "IRONESIA" an acronym of IRONISNYA INDONESIA. as i told u before AMERICAN FRANCHISE RULES!
Extra energy was needed! cause i was running along asia-africa street bandung while i was tryin to take this picture.

*All photos were taken by Arzia Halida Tivany Wargadiredja using Canon EOS 40D
those photos also can be seen by clicking  "Human Interest" by arziativany

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja