Saturday, June 8, 2013


China, known for its predicate as "the most populated country" in the world. Not only for that, China also home for the most appealing dishes! I curated some pictures of the most appealing dishes of Chongqing, known for "The City of Mountains", also for its spicy food!
Chongqing's TRADITIONAL dishes!
Photos taken by myself.

Chinese Foods without Pork? Oh impossible, (even I don't eat pork)

Salty, spicy, anddd tastes like terasi -__-

Fake "beef hotpot"

White Carrot

Taiwanese Pineapple Cake, my everlasting fave cake! Give me the cake, and I'll be yours forever! Gah! 

Still another "Fake beef hotpot"

I don't know exactly the name but this dish made of rice (just like lontong in Indonesia) and the sauce  tastes like rujak.
Just imagine eating lontong with rujak sauce

Chongqing Local Food, root of "I don't know the name of the plant"

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