Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Random Conversation with a Cuban Named Jorgi: "Now, We Can Sell Houses!"

I've been always wondering of visiting some places not only for their beauty but also for their uniqueness. And if you ask me with your keen eyesight to answer 'what kind of uniqueness' is it, I'm absolutely afraid of answering "i don't know". Besides books, websites, or any other trails that could be trusted in this or any other peculiar planet, i would definitely tell you that talking with the natives is an alternative solution.

Sunday May 5th 2013. After planning to spend the whole day by rafting and swearing in all at once in Cikapundung with Rintang and Wita. Hani Fauzia told me that she couldn't exactly get the access to the River. And at the day that I thought would be ended up by 'NOTHING-AT-ALL' finally ended up with a conversation with a random guy I met in Pasar Baru Cemetery Bloc.

We joined Komunitas Aleut exploring Jalan Cipaganti, and met a guy from Cuba! Yeah Cuba! National Geographic Indonesia November 2012 edition successfully made me creating a gang of vexatious questions. Jorgi, that Cuban guy named Jorgi, or be your name 'Jorrgi' or 'Jorrggii' or 'Jorrgi' or 'Jorggi', well I don't care. That guy named Jorgi, and he didn't (or "doesn't" yes I use present tense cos I bet he still doens't) know why he came here, to Indonesia.

Arzia (A): "Was that true in Cuba (In Fidel's regime) you couldn't sell houses?"
Jorgi (J): "Yeah, that's right. We only could exchange our house, like If you've had enough with your house and looking for other situation we can exchange ours but not for sale"

*Oh boy*

A: "Why many Cubans moving to Miami illegally?
J: "It's hard to find a job and get a proper job and money. By going to Miami they'll find a better job, or make a job in the US, send the money for their family in Cuba. And if they're rich enough, they'll go back to Cuba, especially after Fidel's regime cos now they can easily find a job and they can sell something. So, mostly people from US are coming back"
A: "It's illegal, but nothing happens?"
J: "Ya, nothing happens. I don't know why Cubans are so easy getting US citizenship. So easy!"
A: "So, how's Cuba now after Fidel's regime, which is Cuba now led by Fidel's little brother Raul Castro"
J: "Cuba is better, free. Now, we can sell houses!"

*Well okay, congrats man! You looked so happy :))*

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