Friday, September 17, 2010

Finally Friday

everybodeh it's finally friday. friday, 17th sept 2010. my bestfriend's birthday, yara. happy birthday dear.
i and frans made a lil surprise, i came to her house, and gave her a plate of cake (oh it was actually bread) with the candle on the top. she's 18 now.
today was not only my bestfriend's bday, but also my last day in purwakarta, i've gotta go back to jatinangor.
and i'm typing this entry in my small rent room in jatinangor accompanied by arctic monkeys' song tittled dancing shoes.
arrived in nangor at 1 pm, and i was totally unwell, indonesian said it's "masuk angin". very tired, masuk angin too, and also i'm starving. completely amazed me.
actually my study starts from monday, but i;ve got to attend the meeting of 2010's event. sharing all together with the other committees, i'll handle publication and documentation.
well, it was fun, but the hardest part of living in jatinangor, while vacation is: you'll absolutely get some troubles in looking for some foods, or handle your needs. it's hard to find the facility.
so tomorrow, i've decided to go to bandung, to my friend's rent room, at least i'll get the crowd.
you know what's just happened?
okay, my friend haven't got back to nangor, so it's very quiet in my rent room now, outside was raining, there's no signal on my tv cable, the weather was very cold, and last, the electricity was off for a while. what the heck!!!
i havent't done my bahasa indonesia 's project. oh well, what should i do now?
the inspiration haven't came into my mind and, what should i write? i'm a fuckin' dumb in this subject.
well i just playing my arctic monkeys' full album on my laptop and nothing to write on the paper.
and it's finally friday. i got the tittle from twitter. so it's finally friday, and nothing special.

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